A - GH - RS - #
​Ace Attorney​​Hard Romanticker​Sacrifice​
​All About My Wife​​​​Honey Pupu​Scabbard Samurai​
​Asura​Infernal Affairs 1 & 2 - Tenth Anniversary​Secret Love​
The Atrocity Exhibition: Let’s Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club / Henge / The Big Gun​Iron MonkeySimple Life
​Blood Letter​​​​Killzone (aka SPL: Sha Po Lang)​Smuggler​
​Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley​​​​The King of Pigs​Starry Starry Night​
Boxer’s Omen​Korean Short Film Madness​The Swift Knight​
Couples​​The Lost Bladesman​The Sword Identity​
Crying Fist​​​Love in the Buff​Tokyo Playboy Club
Dead Bite​​​Love Strikes!​ Tormented​
Din Tao: Leader of the Parade​​Make Up​Vulgaria​
Doomsday Book​​The Miami Connection​War of the Arrows​
​Dragon (aka. Wu Xia)​​​Monsters Club​Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 1 & 2​
​East Meets West 2011​​Nameless Gangster​You Are the Apple of My Eye
Failan​​Nasi Lemak 2.0​Zero Man vs. the Half Virgin​
Five Fingers of Death​​Oldboy​10+10​
​Goke, Bodysnatcher from Hell​ Pang Ho-cheung’s First Attempt​
​Golden Slumbers​​​Potechi Chips​
Guns N’Roses​​Red Vacance, Black Wedding​