13th New York Asian Film Festival! June 27-July 14

It’s unlucky number 13! That’s right, this year is the 13th New York Asian Film Festival and that means that you’re going to walk under a ladder, trip over a black cat, break a mirror, and wind up getting squashed by a falling piano the second you step outside. The only way to stay safe is to double down and make sure you spend your summer inside a movie theater watching eyeball-exploding Asian films.

We’re making that as easy as possible for you this year, bringing over an avalanche of movies and stars. Whether it’s the award-winning, deeply divisive Eternal Zero from Japan that’ll have you on the edge of your seat over the fate of a kamikaze pilot in WWII, the dialogue-free, hair-raising castration drama from Korea, Moebius, or an inside look at the workings of North Korean film industry, Aim High in Creation!, we’ve got something for the whole family, no matter how dysfunctional it might be.

Join us for HONG KONG FOREVER!, a spotlight on the resurgence of local Cantonese films, including our very first film in 3D, 3D Naked Ambition, a heartwarming tribute to the adult-film industries in Hong Kong and Japan. Our special guest Sandra Ng has been working in Hong Kong film since 1984 and has won three Best Actress awards. She’ll be here with her brand-new film, Golden Chickensss, in which she plays a never-say-die hooker, as well as retrospective screenings of her classic movies Portland Street Blues (in which she plays a lesbian pimp) and the first Golden Chicken movie.

Our Korean Actor in Focus this year is Lee Jung-jae, who will be here with his new film, The Face Reader, and retrospective screenings of New World and Il Mare. From Japan we’re bringing over Fumi Nikaido to receive the Screen International Rising Star Award. She’ll be familiar to NYAFF audiences for her crowd-pleaser from a couple of years ago, Warped Forest, and her latest movie is Sion Sono’s skull-busting ode to the yakuza and guerrilla filmmaking, Why Don’t You Play in Hell?.

There will be more star power from Korea on display, as we will present Star Asia Award to Sol Kyung-gu (Cold Eyes, Hope, Public Enemy), The Celebrity Award to actor-turned-director Park Joong-hoon (Top Star), and host Moon So-ri at our closing night presentation of Park Chan-kyung’s fantastic documentary about Korean shamanism, Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits.

There are lots more guests but you definitely don’t want to miss the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to the one-armed swordsman himself, Jimmy Wang Yu. We’ll be screening several of his classic movies, including The One-Armed Swordsman, the face-puncher that kicked off the martial-arts movie wave in 1967. And we’ll be presenting a special Sir Run Run Shaw Tribute, to pay tribute to the head of the iconic Shaw Brothers studio who passed away last year at 106. The retrospective focuses on the works of one of Shaw’s best, and most underrated, directors Kuei Chih-hung with his motorcycle-gang movie, Killers on Wheels, his first movie, The Delinquent, and his classic revisionist wuxia, Killer Constable.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be screening 60 feature films, with 20 guests, from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Let’s face facts: it’s an unlucky year to go outside so we’ll be doing our part to keep you off the streets.

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