Relentless Invention: New Korean Cinema, 1996–2003

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The South Korean film industry has been in the midst of a remarkable, decades-long creative explosion, with Bong Joon Ho, Hong Sangsoo, and Park Chan-wook jolting new life into art-house and genre cinema alike. From November 22nd to December 4th, New Yorkers will finally have a chance to catch up on all they’ve been missing out on!

With the end of the nation’s military rule and the relaxing of government censorship, Korean film experienced the kind of renaissance that hadn’t been seen since its golden age in the 1950s. This new generation of filmmakers took more than political and social issues as their inspiration: they re-energized national cinema in the late 1990s and early 2000s with homegrown blockbusters that imbued the pleasures of pop cinema with a subversive, gleefully inventive approach to genre and a sharp sociopolitical edge. From tear-jerking romances to supernatural shockers, ultra-stylish thrillers to offbeat comedies, this survey celebrates a vital movement that’s as audaciously innovative as it is unabashedly entertaining.

November 22nd to December 4th, 2019 at Film at Lincoln Center

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